Elderly couple at Northcote Medical

When you need a holiday, you should take it. Here are our 7 Tips for looking after elderly people when you go away.


Many of us assist elderly people to stay in their own homes by supporting them each day with food, medical, social and hygiene needs.

There are times when you might need to be away from home and not able to support your family or friend, but there are many ways you can prepare for your time away from home so that you enjoy yourself and the elderly person is safe at home.

  1. Many older people don’t feel hungry or can forget to eat. Having prepared snacks that are easy to open and consume makes it much easier for them. Meals on Wheels is a very useful organisation to connect with. The meal delivery will provide fresh food, and contact with someone, which is equally important.
  2. Dehydration can be dangerous. Make it very easy to safely grab a drink bottle or jug of water. If the weather is expected to be hot, make sure there is adequate cooling available that is easy to turn on and off.
  3. Trips and falls – falling over is a major concern. Start by removing obstacles within the home and install rails or handles where you can, including toilets and bathrooms.
  4. An emergency alert device is a worthwhile investment. There are many kinds to consider. If a person falls or needs urgent help, they can press an alert button that will connect them with people who can help them. A smart watch can also allow you to speak directly to someone and decide what kind of assistance they need.
  5. Medication Review – when was the last time the medication was reviewed. Book an appointment with your doctor to ensure the correct medication is being taken at the right time and the right dose.
  6. Webster Packs – if multiple mediations are required, it’s easy for people to lose track of what was taken and when. Speak with your pharmacist about preparing a Webster pack.
  7. Social connections – connect with others in your community who can call in and check on your loved one. Ideally in person, but also phone calls for a daily chat with other people can be useful. If someone is visiting, ask them to check the fridge and remove any food items that are no longer fresh.



Care Planning is also available at Northcote Medical to help you and look after any elderly or frail family and friends.