General Practitioner, Guitar Player, Inventor of Recipes.

Dr Austin Nguyen has worked throughout Victoria and Tasmania gaining great experience at various hospitals and local doctors’ practices.

Dr Austin worked with us at Northcote Medical for a few years, then took a short break, but he loved the Northcote community so much that he came back. We’re not surprised!

As a generalist doctor, Dr Austin sees all patients, at any age and stage of life. He is just as happy to discuss your sore shoulder, your pregnancy, your mental health or that weird rash that’s been bothering you. Dr Austin encourages his patients to make an appointment for any concerns they have, even if it turns out to be nothing – it’s always better to have something checked – remember Dr Google isn’t really a doctor!

Dr Austin is a self-confessed lover of problem-solving which is why he has always wanted to work in medicine. From a young age he has been working towards being a doctor, to allow him the opportunity to directly meet and help people, work towards solving the medical problems they present with and being a small part of their lives.

Outside of medicine, Dr Austin continues his problem-solving style in a totally different way – with food. He enjoys trying new recipes but tends to develop his own instead of following the directions. This is perfect for us, as sometimes we get to try them out too. Add to that his interest in playing the guitar and hitting the courts for a game of basketball, and he keeps very busy in his spare time.

Dr Austin has recently become a first-time dad and can relate to all other parents currently functioning on less sleep than before!

If you haven’t met Dr Austin Nguyen yet, you can book an appointment via our website. He’s also available most weekends for anyone who needs an appointment outside of the working week.