45-49 year old health checks Melbourne

Are you between 45 and 49 years old?

When was the last time you considered checking in on your health?

For most people, that’s probably a really long time ago, or possibly never.

Many chronic diseases can be prevented. Being aware of any issues you might have helps you to know what you can change to prevent additional illness or disease. A health check can help to control future health issues.

What happens during a health check for 45-49 year olds?

During your health assessment, you’ll be able to learn how fit and healthy you are, or what you could alter to improve your health.

As you prepare for the next decades of your life, commence with the knowledge and full understanding of any health issues you need to address.

Your general health and well being can be impacted by many things, including:

  • Your family history
  • Blood Pressure, cholesterol, BMI
  • Lifestyle and dietary habits – including smoking, drinking, and lack of exercise
  • Your risk of type ll diabetes
  • Sexual health

Your doctor will chat with you about each of these issues and also discuss the importance of looking after yourself mentally.

Additional tests or scans are then conducted, including:

  • Blood test
  • ECG
  • Skin Check
  • Pap smear may be recommended for some patients

Each of the test items can be completed with us at Northcote Medical. Some patients will also benefit from a referral to a psychologist, physiotherapist or even a podiatrist – all of these services are located in our clinic.

Is there a cost for the 45-49 year old health checks in Melbourne?

There is no cost for this health check.

When you book in for the 45 – 49-year-old health assessment, your appointment will be bulk-billed. There will be no out of pocket cost, the assessment is fully covered by Medicare.

Can I have a free health check if I am not yet 45?

Yes. If you are between 40 and 44 years old, speak with a doctor at Northcote Medical to discuss if you might be eligible to undertake the free health assessment. Patients who are considered at risk of certain conditions may be eligible.

Stay well and be informed about your health.

Health Checks for 45-49 year olds can be booked with us now.

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