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At Northcote Medical we love our men and boys. They’re our fathers, brothers, sons, partners, mates, colleagues, teachers, neighbours, and so much more.

At Northcote Medical, we ARE men, well, some of us anyway!

Did you know that morbidity (the rate of illness or disease in a population) and mortality (the rate of death in a population) from preventable illness in men and boys is significantly higher than that of women and girls?

Men’s health week is the opportunity to open a dialogue about the importance of men’s and boy’s preventative health or in fact, as we prefer to call it, men’s and boy’s wellness!

First up, let’s talk about blokes and movement.

Did you know that cardiorespiratory fitness is one of the best predictors of overall health and well-being? The effect of regular gentle physical activity not only helps maintain healthy body weight and helps prevent chronic illness, it also helps boost mental health! Bonus!

  • What are the benefits of exercise for men?
  • Helps lower high blood pressure and risk of heart attack
  • Helps promote better sleep quality
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels
  • Improves memory and brain function
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps maintain healthy body weight
  • Helps reduce aching joints and muscles

And these are just SOME of the benefits of exercise for men.

Often taking that first step (pun completely intended!) toward regular exercise, is the hardest. We’re not suggesting you go from couch to marathon – let our experienced and caring team of medical professionals guide you on the best way forward for you. Book a time to get started.

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