Northcote Plaza Medical Clinic

Here at the Northcote plaza medical clinic, you will find a team of competent and efficient professionals looking forward to providing you with top quality health services. Our philosophy of always being one step ahead in the healthcare business positions Northcote plaza medical clinic as a unique healthcare setting that does not fall short in terms of customer service. Efficient assistance and a professional work environment are some of the aspects you can expect seeing at the Northcote medical plaza clinic where our sole purpose is to provide patients with an unmatched experience each and every time.

At the Northcote plaza medical clinic, we count with highly advanced equipment used by our expert team of doctors in order to efficiently diagnose and treat any condition or illness. Among all the services we provide, you will find some specialised areas such as women’s health, age care assessments, asthma treatments, mental care and many others. Northcote plaza medical clinic has more than 60 years of experience in the healthcare business. There is no room for second rate service at this proudly Australian owned and operated medical clinic with experience that has prepared our team of experts for any kind of possible scenario.

What you can expect from us at the Northcote plaza medical clinic is a top quality service plan thought and executed with the sole purpose of covering all your needs. Here at Northcote Medical we are entirely dedicated to give you timely assistance and top quality treatment. Another relevant aspect that characterises the Northcote plaza medical clinic is constant reinvention and renewal of methods and treatments, using avant-garde equipment as well. Our Northcote plaza medical clinic is the smart choice when it comes to addressing your health needs.


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