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At Northcote Medical, we believe strongly in preventative health care across all domains of a person's wellbeing, including sexual health screening and preventative treatment.

What is PrEP?

Pre-Exposure prophylaxis, also known as PrEP,  is a treatment for people without HIV to protect them from the infection.

It usually involves taking medication every day. In some cases, on-demand PrEP can also be an option.

Is PrEP a Vaccine?

PrEP is not a vaccine. A vaccine gives longer-term protection, usually for a number of years. PrEP is a medication in tablet form that you will take every day. Taking PrEP every day allows you to have the medicine in your bloodstream and this can help to stop HIV from spreading. It's important you take the medication daily, otherwise there might not be enough medication in your body to stop the virus.

PrEP at Northcote Medical

At our clinic, Dr Thomas Leung and Dr Patrick Davoren will discuss if using PrEP is something you should consider.

You can call to make an appointment, or book online for a time that suits you.