Experienced GP, Problem Solver, Pollution Hater

Dr Harry Hemley, AM, has been at Northcote Medical for a few years, actually make that a few decades. Once he commenced here in Northcote he just fell in love with everything and everyone that makes Northcote and our community so special – it’s
hard to explain, but if you know you know…right?

Dr Harry has always said he gets so much out of being a part of the Northcote community and being able to care for people that being a doctor here isn’t work, it’s a lifestyle.

As a doctor, Dr Harry is committed to continuous learning. Our minds and bodies are areas that the world continues to learn more about every day and we should all never stop learning about what makes us and our families live longer, stronger lives.

One of Dr Harry’s special skills is to care for people who are really unwell. Living with a chronic illness can consume the hours in your day and really impact all areas of your life. Dr Harry likes to take the time to listen and investigate further – is there potentially another reason or diagnosis? Is your medication needing a review? Dr Harry is innovative, if something isn’t working for you, he seeks another option, because there are many solutions to one problem.

While it might be considered a more modern concept, Dr Harry has been a quiet climate campaigner for many years, spurred on by his strong dislike for waste and pollution. He has been frustrated with the levels of food waste in our society for sometime and finds it difficult to see so much food hit the bin, while others go hungry every day.

Dr Harry worries about pollution of all sorts – be that from people not cleaning up after themselves locally or the type that impacts the air we all breathe (and results in negative health results).

In 2015 Dr Harry was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for a lifetime of service to the homeless, after providing many years of medical care to Melbourne’s homeless.

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