Kids Health Check, Man and child in black and white, Northcote

Looking for a children’s doctor in Northcote? We know that kids grow quickly and planning a Kids Health Check allows you to make time to meet with one of our doctors when your child is healthy and well.

If you or your child have a question about their general health and wellness, you don’t need to wait until they are unwell to make an appointment. Our Kids Health Checks provide a space for you to discuss any of the small (or big) issues that you might want to learn more about.

Each of our Kids Health Checks is a little different, depending on the age and concerns of the child and guardians. Your appointment is based on what you need to discuss. For some kids, we check their height and see how much they’ve grown, we talk about eating healthy and making sure they have the energy they need. Some children might need more time to talk about any worries or concerns they might have and how that’s impacting their daily life at home and school.

If sleep issues are impacting your child we can talk about why this might be and discuss some possible solutions.

Some kids play lots of sport and enjoy hours of playing, if they have a recurring injury, it might be something worth investigating more to try and prevent further injury and time away from sport.

During our Kids Health Check, we will focus on things you can do to stay healthy and what to do if you are feeling unwell.

Some children use this time to talk about vaccinations that might be required for upcoming travel plans or if your child is soon to start high school, we can discuss the immunizations that will be provided in Year 7 in Victorian schools. Some children make the choice to have these immunizations at the doctor’s office, and we can plan how this might work best for you.

To book a Kids Health Check, just call the rooms and make your appointment. Tell the staff you’re booking in for a Kids Health Check appointment and we will allow extra time with your doctor.


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