eScripts in Melbourne

What is an eScript?

An eScript is the name for an electronic prescription, they have recently become available to use in Melbourne medical clinics.
Northcote Medical GPs are able to provide eScripts for current patients who attend the practice for appointments or who require a telehealth appointment.

Electronic prescriptions are referred to as:
• eScripts
• SMS Scripts or
• QR barcode prescription.

They provide a convenient way for you to access a prescription your doctor is providing.

You access your eScript from your mobile phone or your personal email account. You’ll receive a ‘token’ (a QR barcode) with the details of your script.

How do I use an eScript?

Your eScript is used in the same way as a traditional paper prescription.

1. Your doctor will provide you with the token. You can check you have that on your phone before you leave our clinic.
2. You’ll have an individual token for each prescription that you need to fill.
3. Your pharmacist will scan the token on your phone and all of your details will remain confidential.
4. Your chemist will provide your medication the same way they always have. Once you’ve received your medication, your token will no longer be valid.
5. If you have a prescription with repeats, a new token will be sent to you to use at a later date. The token for your repeat prescription will come from your chemist, not from your GP.

Why should I use eScripts?

• As eScripts are touch-free, there is minimal risk of infection being spread. We encourage you to try an SMS Script for your next prescription.
• You’ll reduce the chances of losing any paperwork, especially if you have repeats or multiple medications to manage.
• Less printing and use of paper is another small step to saving our trees and reducing our carbon footprint.
• eScripts are efficient, secure and faster than paper scripts
• If you’re using telehealth services, eScripts make it much faster for you to receive the prescriptions you need. Your doctor can send it to you during your consult.
• eScripts avoid the need to send prescriptions in the mail, or via email, allowing higher levels of security.

I need a repeat prescription, can I have a telehealth call and arrange this?

Yes. If you’re a current Northcote Medical patient, call or book online and arrange your appointment. You’ll be able to receive your prescriptions via eScript during your consultation.

What should I do if I’d like to have an electronic prescription?

1.     Check you have your contact details (phone/email/address) up to date when you next book an appointment.
2.     Speak with any of the Northcote Medical doctors. All of our doctors are able to provide electronic prescriptions for current patients.

Make your appointment

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eScripts are new to Melbourne doctors, if you’d still like to know more, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has further information for you. See the RACGP website